Saturday, June 26, 2010

Marie-Luise Jahn

Physician was part of the anti-Nazi group "the White Rose" -- via

Ben Sonnenberg

Founder and publisher of Grand Street -- via the New York Times. He did what he damn pleased.

Robert Dunlap aka Ballarat Bob

One of the last of the old-time prospectors -- via the L.A. Times

Spencer G. Shaw

Librarian advocated literacy efforts for children -- via the Seattle Times

William Allen Kruse

Fishing captain was evidently suicide as result of Gulf oil spill -- via

Paul Wilcox

Broadcaster was host of "Polka Varieties" for 27 years -- via

Martha Benton

Advocate for public housing residents -- via the Baltimore Sun

Chuck Hedges

Jazz clarinetist -- via and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Wendell Logan

Composer -- via the New York Times

Mary Jane Coleman

Film festival director championed independent film -- via the Greeneville Sun

Fred Anderson

Great saxophonist -- via the New York Times

Frank Giering

Solid German actor -- via Reuters. He may be best remembered for his role as a psychotic killer in Haneke's original version of "Funny Games."

Pennant Roberts

English TV director -- via Doctor Who News

Tracy Wright

Canadian actress -- via the Toronto Globe and Mail

Rosemary Gillespie aka Waratah Rose

Australian human rights activist -- via World News Australia

Ursula Thiess

German-born actress was widow of Robert Taylor -- via the Beatrice Daily Sun

Kalmen Opperman

Master clarinetist -- via the New York Times

Joe Deal

Landscape photographer showed us a screwed-up American West -- via the New York Times

Deborah Jo White aka Jo Jo Billingsley

Former Lynryd Skynyrd back-up singer -- via the Cullman Times. She had a prophetic dream about the 1977 plane crash that devastated the band -- she later became a Christian minister and singer.

Edith Shain

Woman who claimed to be part of iconic V-J Day photo -- via the L.A. Times

Alan Plater

English playwright and novelist best known for his literary adaptations -- via the Times of London

Pete Quaife

Original bassist with the Kinks -- via the Guardian

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Walter Rodriguez

Actor, director and playwright -- via the Puerto Rico Daily Sun

Vince O'Brien

Actor -- via California Chronicle

Tam White

Scottish blues singer and actor -- via the BBC

Irwin Barker

Canadian comedian -- via the CBC

John Ferrugio

Pan Am in-flight director was the hero of Flight 93 in September, 1970, helping to evacuate all 170 passengers and crew before terrorists exploded their hijacked plane -- via the Boston Globe

Monday, June 21, 2010

Larry Jon Wilson

Singer, songwriter and musician you've probably not heard of. Why? Because he wouldn't compromise. Via the Tennessean

Chris Sievey

Very interesting comic, musician and writer best known for his papier-mache-headed persona, Frank Sidebottom -- via the BBC

Daisy D'Ora

German silent film star and noted beauty later became diplomat's wife, started home for children -- via Mittelbayerische

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rev. Nico Smith

The South African government wouldn't stop its policy of apartheid. His religion wouldn't stand up against it.What did this minister do? Left his denomination. Moved with his family into a black township. He wasn't content to protest, or even stand witness to injustice. He placed himself in its path. A brave man. Via AP

Nestor Bedolido

Philippine journalist -- via the New York Times. Third reporter killed in a week there -- what the hell is going on?

Aaron Dodd

Chicago's memorable "tuba guy" -- via the Examiner