Friday, July 30, 2010

John Aylesworth

Comedy writer and producer, best known as the creator of "Hee Haw" -- via the Palm Springs Desert Sun

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

David Edward Blewitt

Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated film editor -- via the Hollywood Reporter

Heinrich Schmieder

German actor -- via the Hollywood Reporter

Dick Buckley

Great Chicago jazz DJ -- via alt.obituaries and the Chicago Tribune

Kenneth Bursteiin aka Ken Barry

St. Louis restaurateur and balladeer -- via alt.obituaries and stltoday

Ravi Baswani

Actor best known for his comic roles -- via the Times of India

Al Goodman

Soul singer -- via CNN

Cipriano Cermeno aka Redford White

Philippine comedian and actor -- via gmanews

Billy Loes

Former MLB pitcher -- via the New York Times

Jack Tatum

Football player known as "The Assassin" -- via the New York Times. His career was defined by his crippling tackle of Daryl Stingley.

Maury Chaykin

A really wonderful actor who didn't get as much credit as he deserved -- via the L.A. Times

Bennett Keith Schaeufele aka Ben Keith

Quite simply, the most beautiful lap steel guitarist of our time -- via the Guardian. His work graced many of Neil Young's greatest songs, and many others' work as well.

Mark Blytheway

Quizmaster (as in master of trivia, facts and lore. In America, the quizmaster is he or she who asks the questions.) -- via the Guardian

Harry Beckett

Trumpeter and composer -- via the Guardian

Wye Allanbrook

Musicologist was Mozart expert -- via the Boston Globe

Willem Breuker

 Dutch saxophonist and composer and bandleader -- via

Selmi Andak

Turkish composer and music critic -- via Oiko Times

John Callahan

Cartoonist -- via the New York Times

Vic Ziegel

 Sportswriter -- via the New York Times

Alexander "Hurricane" Higgins

Snooker player -- via the L.A. Times