Saturday, October 23, 2010

Alexander Anderson Jr.

Illustrator and creator of Rocky, Bullwinkle, Dudley Do-Right, and Crusader Rabbit -- via the Monterey Herald.

Arthur M. Brazier

Pastor and social activist -- via the Chicago Tribune.

William Otis "Otey" Clark

Former MLB player -- via Bill Schenley, and the Midwest News.

Natasha Spender

Pianist and author -- via the Guardian.

William J. Jennings

Shortstop with the St. Louis Browns -- via Bill Schenley, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Anton Ambrose "Tony" Roig

Infielder with the Senators -- via Bill Schenley and and the Thornhill Valley Chapel.

Denis Simpson

Singer, actor and kids' show host -- via the Vancouver Sun.

Loulan Pitre Sr.

Storyteller, actor, fisherman, rig-builder, oysterman -- via the Daily Comet.

Marion Brown

Tenor sax man, composer and ethnomusicologist -- via

Leigh Van Valen

Evolutionary biologist -- via the Chicago Tribune.

Vera Rozsa

Singer and honored voice teacher -- via the Telegraph.

Elizabeth L. Sturz

Social worker, founder of Argus Learning Center -- via the New York Times. She also worked as a writer, poet, acrobat and folk-song collector.

Murray Deutch

Music executive -- via the Hollywood Reporter.

Death on the Internet

An L.A. Times story by Scott Duke Harris on Facebook's approach to a member's death, and developments in online memorials as well.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sally Holloway

First woman journalist at the BBC -- via the Guardian.

A Ayyappan

"Poet of the orphans" -- via Mathrubhumi.

Robert Paynter

Cinematographer -- via the Telegraph. His biggest claim to fame will undoubtedly be serving as d.p. for the Michael Jackson "Thriller" video; however, he worked extensively on the films of Michael Winner, Richard Lester and John Landis.

Eva Ibbotson aka Maria Charlotte Michelle Wiesner

Writer for children and young people -- via the Guardian.

Peter M. Jamison

Art director and production designer -- via Screen Daily. He worked on some of my favorite films -- "At Close Range," "Used Cars," "Point Break," "The Big Red One," and "Mulholland Drive." A couple of his films are visually wonderful, but were doomed by bad editing and studio/star interference -- "Mike's Murder" and "Swing Shift" are two prime examples.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ari Up aka Ariane Forster

Slits founder, lead singer, and further explorer of punk and dub -- via the L.A. Weekly. She was GREAT -- I really dug her.

Graham Crowden

Actor -- via Wikipedia. Best known for his work on BBC television ("Waiting for God," "A Very Peculiar Practice.") See him below in the final scene of Lindsay Anderson's "Britannia Hospital":

Constance Reid

A writer on mathematics -- via the Mathematical Association of America.

Alfred "Tall Ted" Hallaman aka Eleftherios Hallaman

Beloved Cleveland-area disc jockey -- via the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Joseph Motto aka Boom Boom Branniagan

Early rock 'n' roll era disc jockey -- via the Albany Times-Union

Stephen "Darby" Allan

Bomb disposal expert -- via the Belfast Telegraph

Frances R. Wallas

Environmental attorney who loved and celebrated the outdoor life -- via the Tennessean.

Ken Rucker aka "The Orange Hat Guy"

Red Wings superfan -- via the Detroit News

Charles Ying

Inventor and entrepreneur -- via the Vail Daily. Most importantly, he helped to craft the technology that replaced the linotype process in printing, speeding the turnaround time between reporting the news and getting it out on the street.

Glenn Eugene Smith

Dedicated middle-school teacher inspired many students -- via the Daily News of Longview, WA.

Eric Joisel

Origamist -- via the New York Times.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Francesco Scardamaglia

Screen and television writer -- via Televisionado.

Tom Bosley

Actor -- via TMZ. He will be best remembered as sitcom dad Howard Cunningham on "Happy Days." He got his start in theater, however, winning a Tony Award for his portrayal of Fiorello La Guardia in the now-obscure Bock/Harnick musical "Fiorello!" He did lots of TV, and after "Happy Days" ended, he portrayed continuing characters in "Murder, She Wrote" and "Father Dowling Mysteries." He narrated "That's Hollywood," a syndicated series on American film. He was a pitchman for many products on TV commercials as well.
Here's the beginning of a long interview with him:

Joe Lis

First baseman/left fielder for the Phillies, Twins, Indians and Mariners -- via

Gail Dolgin

Documentary filmmaker -- via the L.A. Times. Her feature "Daughter from Danang" won many awards.

Saul Toledo

Baseball player, writer and historian -- via the L.A. Times

Monday, October 18, 2010

Johnny Sheffield

Actor -- via the Bellingham Herald, which picked it up from the L.A. Times, although the Times hasn't posted it yet. He got his break as "Boy" in the original Tarzan series, appearing in eight of the films:
And later moved to Monogram for a one-dozen series of Bomba the Jungle Boy movies.

He later went into real estate.

Bridget O'Connor

Author and playwright -- via the Guardian.

Alfredo Bini

Film producer -- via Corriere della Sera. He worked on many of Pasolini's films.

Jake Swamp Tekaronianeken

Mohawk diplomat and chief -- via Bohio Atabei.