Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gary Holcombe

Actor -- via the Kansas City Star.

Kim Brown

Musician -- via

Freddie Gruber

Drummer -- via

George "Mojo" Buford

Harmonica master -- via the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Paul Kent

Actor and artistic director -- via Broadway World.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Patricia Breslin Modell

Actress -- via the New York Times. She appeared on two well-done episodes of "The Twilight Zone" -- "Nick of Time" and "No Time Like the Past."

Donald Banks

Vocalist; bass with the group The Tymes -- via

Ray Aghayan

Costume designer -- via the L.A. Times.

Piet Noordjik

Saxophonist -- via Dutch

Cyril Owen "Cy" Buker

Former MLB pitcher -- via the all-seeing Bill Schenley! (how do you do it?) and

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dennis Ritchie

Pioneering computer scientist -- via the Washington Post. He created the C programming language and co-invented UNIX.

Ion Diaconescu

Democracy activist -- via the Washington Post.

Frank Kameny

America's first gay rights advocate -- via the New York Times.

Necia "Nicky" Salan

Bookstore owner, publisher and champion of children's literature -- via

Bobbie Lee Holmes

Teacher and civil rights activist -- via the L.A. Times.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Robert Buckman

Doctor, author and comedian -- via the Globe and Mail.

Robert Loughlin

Artist and "picker" -- via the New York Times.

Nakamura Shikan VII aka Nakamura Kotaro

Kabuki actor -- via the Japan Times.

Jim Troesh

Screenwriter, actor and disability rights activist -- via the Hollywood Reporter.

Ingvar Wixell

Baritone -- via Gramophone.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nina Sorokina

Ballerina -- via

David Hess

Grindhouse-film actor and pop songwriter -- via Best known for his terrifying role as a sadistic killer in "Last House on the Left."

Here is a link to his demo reel. PLEASE NOTE: it is not appropriate for shildren nor safe-for-work.

Edward Loper Sr.

Artist -- via

Jagjit Singh

Singer and composer -- via the Telegraph.

Paula L. Ettelbrick

Gay rights activist -- via the New York Times.

Anthony Ivanovich

Just a regular guy -- but one who overcame crippling polio by living a full, productive life and giving tons of time and energy to the community -- via the Sacramento Bee.

Felix Romeo

Writer -- via

Elmer "Ralph" Hodgin

Former MLB outfielder -- via

Derrick Bell

Legal scholar and rights advocate -- via the New York Times.

Aaron Jamison

Comedian -- via KMTR. Impoverished and faced with aggressive colon cancer, he chose to face it with humor and innovation -- he sold ad space on his cremation urn to make money to pay for his funeral.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Doris Belack

Actress in film and TV and on stage -- via the New York Times.

John Romonosky

Former MLB pitcher -- via

Allan Jefferys

Broadcaster and theater critic -- via the New York Daily News.

Johnny "Bear Tracks" Schmitz

MLB pitcher -- via the Wausau Daily Herald.

Josephine Forsberg

Teacher of improvisation -- via the Chicago Sun-Times.

George Baker

Actor, director and writer -- via the Telegraph. What a good performer! From "The Dam Busters" through the first episode of "The Prisoner" and his wonderful turn as Tiberius in "I, Claudius," and lastly Inspector Wexford. 129 titles in film and television, and a lot of stage work as well. Really enjoyed his work.

Marilyn Nash

Actress -- via She only made two films -- Chaplin's "Monsieur Verdoux" and the sci-fi cheapie "The Unknown World." She was a real trouper, though, and she sounds like a nice person -- here's an interview with her from "The Astounding B Monster" website.

Richard Koch

Doctor who helped the disabled and newborns -- via the L.A. Times.

Roger Williams

Easy-listening ianist -- via the Chicago Sun-Times.

Mikey Welsh

Artist; former bassist for Weezer -- via the Washington Post. Eerily, he foresaw his death and tweeted bout it.