Thursday, February 2, 2017

David Shepard

Film preservationist -- via the Hollywood Reporter. Without him, I would literally not be in business. He saved hundreds if not thousands of films, most of them from the silent era. He was an original staffer at the American Film Institute, and solicited tons of films from studios and collectors; then he went ot work for fabled Blackhawk Films, the Iowa independent distribution house that specialized in 16m prints of old and rare films (of which we saw many in our grandparents' basement, as did many our our generation). Finally, he wound up with Blackhawk's hardware, stock, and catalog. A sleuth, a curator, a technical expert, he put the whole world of silent film into our hands, giving me and others much to study and write about for decades. I am just going to shamelessly cut and paste his PARTIAL filmography from Wikipedia right here. It's staggering.

Partial list of films restored by Shepard[edit]