Monday, May 3, 2010

Dick Kenworthy

Infielder played six seasons with the White Sox -- via the Indianapolis Star. (Why does his Topps card place him with the Mets?)

UPDATE: Faithful reader and old high-school pal Paul K. gives us the anwer to my above-posed question. "I researched and found that the White Sox traded him to the Mets for Ken Boyer in '67 and he finished his career there. Just missing his shot at the Series in '69." Thanks!

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  1. Thank you for this post.

    Although I remembered his stats wrong, based on what I found on Dick Kenworthy, he was a solid White Sox prospect for a couple of years. Then the Sox gave up and traded him. He fell just short of being an every day player.

    As for having his stats wrong in my memory, possibly Kenworthy had two good Spring Training years with the Sox. I recall him showing some power hitting ability, which the Sox sorely lacked in their line-up.

    Sorry he's passed on. I have positive memories of his White Sox playing days. I rooted for him to make it. He had talent. Truth is, anyone does well to play parts of 6 seasons in the Majors.

    Thanks for the memories, Dick Kenworthy.