Friday, June 4, 2010

Johnny Gibson

Tuscon icon was barber, health enthusiast -- and here he relates his hair-raising memories of battle in World War II -- via KOLD-TV and

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  1. I saw a show on Public Access TV last night in Tucson on Johnny Gibson. He was well known in Tucson for as long as I can remember, since the fifties at least.

    I had known the family back in the sixties and enjoyed what little time I did spend with them. Best chili I ever ate! His daughter was a schoolmate of mine. Nice family.

    Getting back to the show I saw last night, Johnny Gibson was known publicly for a lot of things. Health, exercise and also a barber. I did not know he had been in WW11 or that he had been a paratrooper and medic. That he was just a kid when he joined and had been captured in France and held by the Germans to take care of our wounded.

    I saw him just sitting and talking and remembering stories to tell for two hours and it was really something.

    He had the same haunted look my uncle had at his age and they looked a lot a like and it was kind of erie.

    It got kind of dramatic when he told of being called to the front to take care of a superior while making the campaign inward into France from the south. Then being shot up with shrapnel. Nearly dying for his country.

    He was just down to earth and real like we all should be able to be but rarely are. Just a good guy.