Monday, May 22, 2017

Gunnar Moller

Actor -- via Eve Golden, a wonderful writer who, among other things, is a crafter of obits for the Everett Collection. Mr. Moller had an interesting life, to say the least. An eight-decade career unmarred, evidently, by hanging out with Nazis and committing murder.

"German stage, screen and TV actor Gunnar Möller—whose career spanned nearly 80 years—died on May 16, at the age of 88. He began his career as a child, acting in advertising films and onstage (one of his mentors was Gustaf Gründgens, the inspiration for Klaus Mann’s Mephisto). Möller made his big-screen debut in 1940’s Unser Fräulein Doktor, and throughout the war years he embodied the perfect blond German youth while steering steered clear of politics, finding his career unaffected in the post-War years. He worked steadily in films and TV, playing Hitler in Days of Betrayal, The Liberation of Prague and the TV-movie Mussolini: The Untold Story; he costarred in such TV series asImmer Ärger mit der Wirtin, Familie Werner auf Reisen, Secret Army and Nejvetsi z Pierotu. Möller’s career was only briefly derailed after he killed his wife, British-born actress Brigitte Rau, in 1979; he was sentenced to prison for five years for second-degree murder, but only served two years and was soon working again—and married again, to actress Christiane Hammacher, who is fortunate enough to survive him."