Sunday, July 30, 2017

John G. Morris

Most significant photo editor of the 20th century -- via the New York Times. Beginning in 1938, in tenures ranging across the most significant news and photojournalism organization of the time, he handled and argued for the publication of some of the most significant images in journalism history, including Bob Capa's D-Day photos and the two most iconic images of the Vietnam War, both Pulitzer Prize-winners. Also, inadvertently at the scene of Robert Kennedy's assassination, he quickly turned reporter and filed the Times' front-page story on the tragedy. As an editor of words, Morris' story seems to me to validate the idea that every "creative" talent needs equally talented individuals to help get that person's work in good shape and out in public where it needs to be. These not-so-visible people don't get much notice, but they  are vital.