Friday, August 18, 2017

Captain Earthman

Fabled beer vendor -- via the Denver Post. AKA Brent Doeden. I apologize for not posting this earlier -- it hit me personally at the time, so I didn't "file" it in my mental Obit Patrol category. We knew him well, being fans of the Colorado Rockies baseball team since Day One. He was there from the beginning as well, and believe me, he was a fine and fun human being who lit up your day and helped you enjoy yourself, even when our beloved team was getting destroyed on the field -- and his customers were getting destroyed in the stands. He was a cheery, provocative, idiosyncratic, cantankerous jokester, capable of conducting multiple far-ranging intellectual debates while serving beer briskly and efficiently. Earthman was one of those people whose positive influence far outweighed his supposed level of "importance" in the world. A real, original person, which is about the highest compliment of which I can conceive.