Sunday, December 31, 2017

Liz Masterson

Distinctive Western singer, performer, yodeler, and historian -- via Clark Wright of the Western Music Community, and Facebook. AKA The Songbird of the Sage. She was noted for her long partnership with Sean Blackburn as a double act; she had extensive performing and recording as a solo artist as well.

A personal connection on this last one of 2017. She was nice. She was funny,  too. Among the many things she could do was this, that very one-on-one, live thing that is very much more challenging than you might imagine. A kind of very vibrant, high-energy way of putting yourself out there live -- that is street performance elevated to precision, with still enough room inside for it to be real. She was of that time when Denver was still funky and full of freaks, and enough of that old-school cowboy culture was still around to be appealing to people. She did a kind of post-modern roots act that you could take straight, or as corny, or as post-modern. But it was always insistently real.

The last comedy show I ever did was with them, in a freezing-cold giant plastic tent on New Years Eve one bone-chilling night down by the ballpark. It was one of Denver's touted "First Nights" and as such, had to be family-friendly. Had to work clean, for children, on New Year's, how sad. It's almost a Sondheim song.

A sobering loss.