Friday, November 2, 2018

Raymond Chow

Production chief and producer; the 'godfather of Hong Kong cinema -- via Channel News Asia. He was responsible for exposing Bruce Lee, the Hui Brothers, Sammo Hung, Let Li, and Jackie Chan to the attention of film fans worldwide. As head of publicity and production chief for the Shaw Brothers from 1958-1970, he helped that studio become the predominant force in Hong Kong cinema. He then departed and, with Leonard Ho, founded Golden Harvest, a pivotal studio that rose to the top on the strength of kung fu films and screen comedies, a position it would hold for decades. He is said to have produced more than 600 films. A hands-off producer who allowed his creative teams great leeway. His incredible eye for talent led to the film careers of such other actors as Angela Mao, Yuen Biao, Nora Miao, and Donnie Yen; and directors such as John Woo.

One Armed Boxer, 1971

The Big Boss, 1971

Fist of Fury, 1972

Enter the Dragon, 1973

A Man Called Tiger, 1973

Encounters of the Spooky Kind, 1980

The Private Eyes, 1976

Warriors Two, 1978

Knockabout, 1979

Magnificent Butcher, 1979

The Prodigal Son, 1981

Police Story, 1985

Rumble in the Bronx, 1995