Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Betty Ballantine

Publisher; co-founder of Penguin U.S.A., Bantam Books, and Ballantine Books. If you have read a paperback book, you have undoubtedly read one of hers. The revolution in the production of high-quality, inexpensive literature can be traced directly to her and her husband, Ian. Beginning in 1939, they issued reprints and originals in America for 25 cents each, marketing them everywhere, bringing good writing to eager readers without a lot of dough. She was particularly important in the sci-fi and fantasy genre, bringing us Clarke, Bradbury, Delany, Pohl, Sturgeon, Niven, Lieber . . . and on and on. As a sci-fi-loving child, I would reflexively grab for any book from her publishing house, knowing I would love it. And I did! AKA Elizabeth Norah Jones. Via the New York Times.

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