Sunday, February 3, 2019

Irv Brown

Legendary local sports figure -- coach, official, broadcaster, you name it. An all-around good guy! Via the Greeley Tribune. Irv Brown was a Denver kid, a standout multi-sport player at North High School and at the University of Northern Colorado. He was a great baseball coach, first at Arvada High School then at CU-Boulder and Metro State. He was a top-notch basketball referee, working six Final Fours. He covered . . . well, what DIDN'T he cover?

It's AFTER all this that I remember Irv. He and microphone partner Joe Williams created great sports-talk radio for 25 years. Always a hoot to listen to, but interlaced with serious talk about important sports-related issues, as well as interviews with sports figures across the spectrum.So familiar was he that I used to do impressions of him as part of my comedy act. Wherever he was broadasting from, IRv would plug the joint the same way: "So, c'mon down, just some good people down here. They'll take care'a ya!" A warm and witty voice, personable, energetic, inquisitive, inclusive -- he seemed to reach through the radio, just the guy you'd like to listen to and shoot the bull with for hours. "You make the show," he said, and he meant it! Thanks, Irv.

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