Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Chuck Hartenstein


Former MLB pitcher. Via Texas Sports.

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  1. Chuck was my roommate on road trips when we played for the Hawaii Islanders of the Pacific Coast League in 1976. A truly outstanding gentleman, I admired him very much. After Chuck and I got out of the game, we reconnected in the Austin Texas area, where our youngest daughter, Taylor, graduated from the U. of Texas in 2009. On our frequent trips to see our daughter, my Bride, Sheridan, and I made a point of seeing the Hartensteins whenever we were in town. Their Texas hospitality was incredible, always having a steak and Chuck's favorite beverage, Budweiser, ready when we dropped by their beautiful home, and of course, they always wanted us to stay with them if we wished. Joyce, his beautiful Bride, was the perfect mate for Chuck. She loved the U. of Texas and their sports programs as much as Chuck did, maybe more. We love the Hartensteins.

    rod gaspar...October 7, 2021