Friday, May 14, 2010

Phyllis Douglas aka Phyllis Hodges Boyce

Erstwhile actress played little Bonnie Blue Butler in "Gone With the Wind" and grew up to play roles in camp classics such as the original "Star Trek," "Batman" . . . and "Atlantis, the Lost Continent"! Via the Palm Springs Desert Sun


  1. Linda J. WatermanMay 17, 2010 at 9:35 PM

    So very sad about losing my friend, Phyllis. Hope those of you who are interested and read/search further on Phyllis, will find her to be a superstar not only in her film career, but as a person. My heart aches and miss her terribly. She was a genuine person whom I shared a good 10 yrs of my life with and whom I will truly love and miss forever. LINDA WATERMAN, PALM SPRINGS, CA

  2. Sorry, but Phyllis did not play Bonnie Blue Butler. She was played by Cammie King Conlon whose obit is here:

  3. Actually, Anonymous, if you dial through my best friend,, you will find that Phyllis did indeed play Bonnie Blue Butler -- as an infant. Cammie King Conlon, also honored on this site, plays her older version. Thanks!

  4. Was sad to hear she had died. As a young man seing her in Star Trek thought she was gorgeous, was a shame did not get a regular role.
    Hope she had a happy life.