Friday, May 14, 2010

Rosa Rio

This talented organist began playing for silent movies at the age of nine -- in 1911! When the sound era arrived in 1927, she made the transition to network radio, working there for 22 years on such shows as "The Shadow," "Front Page Farrell" and Bob and Ray. Then she moved to TV, working in programs such as the Today Show, as well as numerous soap operas. In the end, she went back to her beginnings, accompanying silent film both live and for video release. WOW! The definition of an entertainment survivor! She was 107 years old.

UPDATE: Here's the New York Times obituary, which contains more information, including the fact that she accompanied Mary Martin when that performer successfully auditioned for Cole Porter . . . and a very funny anecdote about live radio, a studio audience and undressing . . .

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