Friday, March 1, 2019

Brody Stevens

Comedian, writer, and actor ('Enjoy It!,' 'The Hangover,' etc.). AKA Steven James Brody. These are always really tough. He was fearless in front of an audience, he pushed them, he was in earnest, he wasn't safe. And he was always funny. Relentlessly funny. Grimly funny.

As a former comic, I have lots of dead friends in the industry, which has an insanely high mortality rate. I heard the phrase once, "What saves you on the battlefield kills you at home." Those instincts that make you sharp onstage, that senseless need to go up and grab a mike and mess with a crowd, the compulsion to prove yourself on a daily basis, fuels a comedy career and also endangers your mental health. Staying sane, especially if you have biochemical problems, is a full-time job. Peace to Brody. Sometimes it goes beyond what you can take. Via Neil Genzlinger in the New York Times.

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